All our basses feature our flat response, humbucking pick-ups. Hand made by us they contain a pair of matched coils/pick-ups for each string, designed to eliminate imbalances, crosstalk and intermodulation. Their polished and plated pole-pieces are also height adjustable.

Our 4-string pickups are moulded in black A.B.S. and fit into a surround, with three point spring mounted height adjustment. 5 and 6 string pickups are individually cast, mounted directly into the body, and are four point spring mount height adjustable.


All our basses come fitted with our unique pre-amp, still true to its original design. We hand solder these using the highest stability and closest tolerance components, and fit custom made graphite wiper pots with push/pull gold contact switches. All controls are designed for ultra low noise, interference and distortion-free performance. All cavities are screened against external electrical interference. Powered by a single 9-volt battery.

A master volume control provides smooth rotary adjustment of output volume, with an additional push/pull feature that actuates a pick-attack mode. This adds narrow band of high frequencies to the overall tone-setting to provide dynamic, percussive attack. Both overall output level and level of pick-attack are trimmable from inside the bass.

A pickup mixer control silently mixes the levels of the pre-EQ’d pick-ups to any desired ratio whilst keeping the combined output level constant.

Individual tone knobs for each pickup operate electronic, low pass filters whose roll-off frequencies vary with the position of the control. Fully clockwise at 10, the spectrum is full and flat. As the controls are backed off, the spectrums of the appropriate pick-ups are foreshortened. (Roll-off 12dB / Octave). The dominant tone character varies, therefore, throughout the entire range of control. Pulling-up the knob produces a quasi-parametric boost of about 10dB to the harmonics which lie at or near the roll-off frequency set by the rotary position. This provides the characteristic active sounds so popular today, without the clinical quality common to many circuits. By using the pan mixer like a master tone control, in conjunction with the pick-up controls, an endless range of subtle tones and dynamic effects can be created, with or without the pick attack.

A standard ¼ “jack output is fitted (for amplifier feed), along-side a balanced DI with transformer isolation that provides clean, reliable and safe studio or stage mixer feed without the need for an external DI box. On left-hand models all rotary functions are reversed to right-hand.


Our unique design Aluminium control knobs are machined and knurled for perfect rotary and push/pull action, with a satin black anodized finish, and clearly engraved graduations. Lefthanded potentiometers and engraved knobs fitted to all left handed basses.


Our unique design heavy cast frame/tailpiece features a simple hook-in string anchorage system, hardwearing black finish and stainless steel base-plate. It houses chrome plated brass saddles and slider blocks, and allows for individual and independent adjustment of intonation and string height via a standard size socket driver (1/16” hex).

We also offer a gold saddle/slider finish option (extra).


Our Mk1 and Mk2 models feature chrome low gear heavy duty tuners (as pictured). We also offer a lighter version with a smaller sized button. Our Mk3 models feature small bodied lightweight tuners.

A bespoke brass string retainer anchors strings at the correct break angle over the nut, and comes plated and matched to the tuner finish.
We also offer a gold or black tuner & retainer option (extra).